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Our School



The Charles G. Taylor Elementary School is committed to creating a learning environment in which every student is challenged to be the best he or she can be academically, socially and emotionally. We are committed to the values of the three R’s – Respect, Responsibility, Relationship and the three C’s – Caring, Compassion, Consideration. We believe that a combination of the three R’s and the three C’s represents our school and provides a climate for life long learning.


The Charles G. Taylor Elementary School, in partnership with the community of Foxborough, has as its mission the responsibility to prepare students to participate productively in a rapidly changing world. Together we will provide an environment that maximizes each student’s academic, social, emotional, artistic and physical development. This environment will encourage each student to develop the skills and sensitivity for living responsibly and successfully.


  1. Communication and Collaboration: To ensure a positive educational experience by promoting communications among parents, teachers, residents, and town organizations.
  2. Academic Excellence: To support challenging and effective educational experiences that promote engaged learning and ensure a quality education.
  3. Respect: To cultivate responsible students through a positive, inclusive, supportive environment that reflects respect for the diversity and dignity of individuals and cultures.
  4. Environment: To provide a safe and supportive environment that fosters positive attitudes among students, staff, families and community.